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               Vikramjeet Singh Virk, a passionate actor with his eyes set on his goal

Vikramjeet Singh Virk, a devout Sikh, was born into a simple Jatt farmer's family of Sukhwant Singh Virk in deep interiors of a relatively unknown village, Tharwa Majra about 30-32 km from Karnal city, Haryana set quite away from district roads. He is the youngest and single of four siblings (Two elder sisters and one brother) in the family who are settled in respective marriages. Like father like son, his elder brother, Sarbjeet Singh is taking care of the land as is the tradition of his family generation after generations.

GERMINATION OF MODELLING DREAMDuring his schooling, when he was only in his teens in 12th Std. he often got usual remarks from his classmates and friends for his good height and physique and that he could do well as a model with it. That's when he started toying with the idea of modelling career and began looking closely over his personality in mirror from a new angle & perspective. Filled with self admiration, this idea found roots in his heart and mind and shaped into his dream. Having thought of giving it a shot, he got his folio done with turban at Karnal city and started visiting Delhi secretly on and off to explore capital to see what the modelling scene was like there.

In those days there were no Sikh models so he had to crop his hair to get going. He lost great deal of peace over it though as he belonged to a religious family that believed strongly in traditional values. After mulling quite some time over it, for the love of modelling he decided to sacrifice his hair.

He got selected in first audition itself because of his huge stature. As luck would have it, on his 19th birthday, on 19th July 2003 he set off his modelling career with LAKME INDIA FASHION WEEK. His mother Harjinder Kaur and Father were deeply upset to see him with clipped hair especially his father. So much so he did not speak to his son for almost a year over this issue. He found it difficult to go through this period at that tender age of 18. Vikram who holds great respect for his family, let it settle down and went into it big time with far-famed people from fashion world for seven years between 2003-2010 and did some music videos too simultaneously.

As modelling leads eventually to Bollywood, he also moved to glitter town with a glint of new dream in his eyes and got noticed soon by talent scouts. His first film happened to be, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey with Ashutosh Gowarikar followed by offers from down South for Malayalam and Telugu films. During his film stints, like an emotional fool, he landed up doing a Punjabi film which he realized later he should not have done and that particular mistake had given him a big lesson and made him careful as to what to do what not to. With dead determination he said he knows it well where he wants to be and he would leave no stone unturned for it.

LIFE AFTER IIFA NOMINATION Of course it feels good to see talent being nominated in some award category. The nomination for his south movie, Rudhramadevi was a little surprise to him though he honestly confessed he is capable of doing far better than what he did in Rudhramadevi, as an actor. He was shooting for his new underproduction DRIVE, a movie produced by Karan Johar and being directed by Tarun Mansukhani at that time when he got an invitation call for the event but unfortunately could not get away to attend it because of his prior commitment to Dharma Production. Feeling a little apologetic for not being able to offer him time to attend his first big event, the production organized a surprise celebration for his nomination on the set.


                                            BELIEVES IN MANTRA, HEALTH IS REAL WEALTH

FAVORITE HEROHe admired many but he spoke a few special words for Sunny Deol whom he admired a lot in GHAYAL, DAMINI, and said he loves to watch his GADAR whenever it is aired on channel. Every body knows it turned out to be block buster of that year.

FAVORITE HEROINEHe likes most of the leading actresses as he respects women a lot but mentioned Madhuri Dixit is the ultimate heroine who he believes is extremely talented, a complete actor in every sense and the other heroine he holds admiration for is Meenakshi Sheshadri as he was moved to watch her performances in some of her best movies?

FAVORITE FILMHis favorite English film is "300" and his Bollywood Flick he loves to see is GADAR ek premkatha, a beautiful period love story set in pre-partition, partition and post partition.

FAVORITE DIRECTOREvery director has his own way of working. He has had wonderful experiences working with different different directors from Bollywood and down south because every movie he has done so far have given him something to learn from. His favorite director however is Rajkumar Santoshi whose films he admires a lot since they often touched him emotionally and also for the way he is able to extract the best performances out of his actors.

IDOL IN NEGATIVE ARENAHis idol in negative role is none but Amrish Puri and had a strong desire to see him face to face but did not get the opportunity. He wished to see two more persons Dara Singh and singer Jagjeet Singh. Since he knew Vindu he got a chance to see Dara Singh but could not get to see Jagjeet Singh.

He attributes it to his giant 6.3ft personality due to which he always had a strong belief he could do well especially in negative field. But an actor is an actor he said, be it negative or positive it hardly makes any difference to him.

LOVE LIFEAs a devout Sikh he goes to Gurudwara everyday and sticks to certain ethics and principles in his life. And he strictly follows them and can never be a shrewd-filmy-type person. He is what he is. There is no place for any fake pretension in his life. What is more, the family traditional values mean a lot to him. He is a one woman man and would have no other female in his life after he decides to settle with his life partner in an arranged marriage of course.

                                        A CHINESE FILM, BUDDIES IN INDIA 2017

                                                                               RUDHRAMADEVI 2015

He feels extremely lucky to be part of an ambitious upcoming historical project, a huge period film, BATTLE OF SARAGARHI to be directed by, his favorite director, Rajkumar Santoshi. He believes that this particular character he is to play has been destined especially for him as it suits him totes.

                         An important future project, BATTLE OF SARAGARHI 

                                                             Casanova 2012

Vikramjeet's first movie, 2010