Monday, September 19, 2016


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Amjad khan, The great actor and a great soul!

Kindheartedness is an ULTIMATE EMOTION you feel when you are helpful and sensitive to others. There have been several incidents wherein it abundantly reflects that Amjad Khan (Sholay Fame Actor) was a gem of a person and also a golden-hearted person. Today fortunately, I learnt a new episode that shows how great he was and felt like to put it on this blog. 


Inder Khosla, Chief Assistant director and also a nephew of great film maker Raj Khosla, who has been one of the most celebrated film makers of India. Unfortunately, NAQAB turned out to be his last film as Raj Khosla left us on June 9th, 1991. Anybody who knows little bit of history of Bollywood would certainly know about him as he had given series of hits after hits to Indian audience based on different themes. 

                   Naqab, directed by                        Director, Raj Khosla
             Raj Khosla

In year 1990, it so happened during the making of movie, NAQAB, Inder was working as chief assistant director at the time. After, DO FANTOOSH, TERI MAANG SITARON SE BHAR DHOON, it was third movie of Inder with Amjad khan. Amjad had so much respect and affection for Inder that he wouldn't call him by name but GURUJI. He would often tell Raj Khosla that he would like to give the shot only if Guruji is on the set. After taking brief about the shot from Raj Khosla, Amjad would say that he has understood what he wants but still he would ask Guruji to perform first then only he would give the shot. This reflects how wonderful the relationship was between the two, Inder khosla and Amjad khan.

Not only Amjad there were many other actors like, Amitabh Bachchan (Dostana), Shatrughan Sinha (Maati Mange khoon, mera dost mera dushan, dostana), Sanjeev kumar (Daasi), Rekha (Daasi), Sharmila tagore, Farah (Naqab), Rishi Kapoor (Naqab), Nutun (Main Tulsi Tere Angan ki, Teri Mang Sitaron se Bhar Doon) and Padmini Kolhapure (Teri maang...) etc who would also ask Inder to perform first to get an idea what Raj Khosla was looking for. 

It is very significant and relevant to add here that Inder being a member of Cintaa (Cine Actors Association) had also begun his journey in multiple films as an actor with Raj Khosla and other film makers. He gives credit to only and only Raj khosla for his acting and directorial skills. At the time of Naqab, Amjad Khan was also holding the significant position of Cintaa's president. 

One day, during the shoot of movie, "Naqab" Amjad asked Inder why should he only remain a member of Cintaa, why doesn't he go for lifelong membership. It was a good advice given and Inder grabbed it right away and became the lifetime member of Cintaa and still remembers Amjad khan fondly  for his valuable tip and kind gesture. Around that period, Amjad used to come to set in his Ambassador car, Inder says. Later, he offered that if he bought a new car he would like to give his Ambassador Car to Inder. He fulfilled his promise giving a great surprise to Inder. 

Inder who is still working in Bollywood in direction, holds great respect for him till date and often fondly recollects those wonderful moments spent with him. WHAT A GREAT AND GENEROUS ACTOR HE WAS, Inder concludes. An actor giving his car to an assistant director was something unheard of and that is the very reason I wrote this special post for. 


  1. Amjad Khan sahab was really a gem of a person for friends, fans and for entire film industry.

    Thanks Shital sir for sharing this.

    1. Many who have worked with him, would vouch for his kindness and jolly nature. He used to give respect to every person on the set top to down. Thanks for leaving your views here, it means a lot to me.